Community Ed

Our Community Education software enables organizations to support a wide variety of programs for their community.

Programs we support

Early Childhood
Fitness and Recreation
Music Lessons
Adult Enrichment
Youth Programs
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  • Real-time credit card authorization and settlement processing
  • Notification of program confirmations, wait-list, and cancellations
  • Double entry accounting system to ensure you pass an audit.
  • Participant transaction history of all programs they participate in
  • Instructor and expense management 
  • Enrollment and financial reporting
  • Create custom online forms for data collection
  • Course catalog web publishing tool
  • Attendance tracking
  • Invoice and charge generation
  • Enrollment management of Confirmed, Wait list, and Canceled status
  • Instructor portal for rosters and contracts
  • Special pricing capabilities

Benefits for Administrators

  • Flexible & definable reporting
  • Complete financial management tools (refunds, credits, expense reporting)
  • Sophisticated course catalog setup options
  • A variety of pricing options
  • Batch refund and batch payments
  • Action log to track activity within the system
  • Create custom online forms and workflow
  • Supports state reporting requirements

Benefits for Customers

  • Real-time enrollment, confirmation and payment
  • Email notifications of waitlist status change or class cancellation
  • Save and check out later
  • Viewable schedule and registration history
  • Access to orders and documents
  • Ability to pay charges posted after a registration (e.g. late fee )
  • Easy to navigate catalog that offers step by step registration process instructions

Want to find out more?

We're happy to arrange a 30-minute discovery meeting to share how your school can save at least 30 hours of administrative time every registration season.

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