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Cafeteria accounting software, we do it best!

Affinety Solutions is now a Wordware systems integration vendor.   Since 1986 Wordware systems have continued to be developed, reflecting customers' changing needs and providing our customers with requested solutions.   Affinety Solutions has partnered with Wordware so we can offer schools the best of breed solutions that reach every parent and student in your district.

We Have Solutions for Your Challenges
Your ChallengesOur Solutions
Student Based Solutions- Money for lunch must be entered into individual student accounts- time consuming. Family Based- Money deposited goes into a family account. This eliminates multiple entries and allows schools focus on the household.
Free and Reduced- School administration spends tons of time processing paperwork - usually manually. Automated letter generation and reporting … built in timeline to streamline workflow … plus processing direct certification saves hours if not days of work. Particularly if there are multiple students in the same household (another benefit of a family based solution).
Free and Reduce Anonymity – The federal government requires free and reduced student to be anonymous. Wordware’s unique onscreen marking system keeps the student status anonymous to any onlooker while allowing the cafeteria staff to process the proper meal selection.
Slow Lunch Lines- Many solutions are dependent on internet speeds which can slow down the speed of the lunch line. This poses a significant challenge to schools with a large student and staff population. Because Wordware is web based and server based our networked LCS1000 keeps lines running fast regardless of internet speeds. Plus if the internet is down any data captured on the LCS1000 syncs to the cloud back up as soon as the connection is re-established. No data is lost.
Reporting- Many schools are still operating with spreadsheets for free and reduced and cash reports etc. Wordware provides robust reporting capabilities with on demand access to all the critical information staff and administration needs. Cash reporting … balances … student and family activity … meal detail etc. Just to name a few.
Wordware History

More than twenty years of working closely with lunch accounting software, lunch accounting administrators, and state representatives has all culminated into one major leap forward in lunch accounting technology. We are very proud to introduce the LCS 1000 appliance.

In 1986 Wordware Inc introduced the first lunch accounting software. In 2012, we introduced the first lunch accounting software that takes advantage of modern cloud technology.

Wordware has taken a huge step forward in the development and release of the LCS 1000.  This new centralized mini-server has been specially set up to not only dedicate itself to lunch accounting, but to be ready for constant updates and development.   Let us show you how the all new LCS 1000 system can revolutionize your lunch accounting services.

LCS 1000 is the newest innovation in lunch accounting
  • Quick and Easy setup. No program installations required!   This box plugs into your network and is set up like any other server, then it is ready to go. No further involvement from a school technician is required.
  • Something More - We have added a few special features to increase the overall value that this tool can offer you in the form of automatic data synchronization, automatic email notifications, and automatic payment processing.
  • Automated Backups - we are including the peace of mind that only automatic backups can bring and then taking it a step further. Not only will the LCS 1000 back up it's information every day, but it will also upload it to the Wordware Inc cloud servers as an extra level of protection.
  • Data Synchronization - we will also be automatically updating the family information and account balances every night, removing the need for your lunch account manager to spend their valuable time with file uploads
  • Automatic Email Notifications - We have added the ability for the LCS 1000 to automatically provide Wordware's email server with the email addresses of your family database and to send out low balance notifications to the families meeting your criteria for notification.
  • Automated E-Payment Processing - we have integrated automatic e-payment processing. The payment information will be transmitted from the e-payment company directly to the LCS 1000, which will then add the payments to the family accounts without any needs for downloading payment files or manually entering in payment information. Everything is done in the background by the LCS 1000.
Lowest Audit Failure Rate

Federal and state guidelines for free and reduced school lunch discounts can be very complicated and cumbersome. Having a proper audit-trail and accounting system to track these transactions is essential and can save your school or lunch program thousands of dollars. When your system is audited, and they all get audited eventually, be assured that The Lunch Cashier System from Wordware Inc. is number one in preventing audit failures.

We were the first ones in the industry to do lunch line software and are still around due to these basic principles. School districts can’t afford to lose their federal reimbursement, and Wordware is here to do everything we can to help you make sure it doesn't happen to you.

Family Based

Most student information systems focus on the individual students. Wordware focuses on the students as they truly are: part of a family.

Our software starts with the family unit, and ties all accounting for students into that family. There is no repeated data entry from one sibling to the next and you can view all of the information for a family's  students in the same reports.

Wordware's Lunch Cashier System helps increase efficiency by linking relevant information together for you, saving your valuable time from being spent on repetitive data entry.