Facility Scheduling

Facility Scheduling

Manage People, Spaces & Equipment

The facility scheduling system can be used as an individual module or when implemented with the registration system it can share data between modules and significantly reduce administrative data entry workload.   Parents, community members and school employees can view events and create pending requests for the facility administrator to review.

We Have Solutions for Your Challenges
Your ChallengesOur Solutions
Sometimes we need to allow overlapping reservations in particular space on the same date / timeThe Affinety facility system provides for the option to allow overlapping reservations when the administrator thinks it is necessary.
We would like to have school department users submit a reservation request only - is that possible?The system allows for unlimited administrative user logins and access with defined permissions. A user can have a submit and read only status
We would like to save time and not have to print and email reports to custodial staffThe system has a view only access user type
Our custodians need to only view calendars - see any special instructions for room setup and print reports - we do not want to provide them the ability to create or modify existing reservationsWe provide a login specifically designed for custodial staff that allows them to view calendars by building - see any special instructions by permit and print reports if necessary.
We would like to eliminate double entry of events and room reservations with our community education and activity departmentsThe Affinety software is modular and the registration and facility modules if used together can sync room requests
Key Features
  • Schedule buildings, rooms, and equipment that can all be associated to a permit. 
  • Real-time conflict management based on other reservations, room availability and holidays
  • Unlimited number of rooms / space types.  When creating use permits (room reservations), you can designate room(s) or the entire building.
  • Date Generator: reservation dates can be selected by simply clicking desired dates on a calendar, or indicating a pattern (Second Tuesday of the month) or a list of dates. You can reserve spaces from across multiple facilities.
  • Rates and Fees: charge for time used on hourly or per-use basis with the ability to round up to the nearest 15 min, 30 min, or 60 min interval.
  • Usage Views: several report options give you access to usage reports based on space,  client (user),  date-range etc
  • User Access: in addition to full access, staff logins can also be set up in view-only mode, allowing custodians, teachers and others to see what has been scheduled for a space, without having any editing, create or deletion capabilities.
  • Holidays and Building Availability: set the days of the year and time ranges a facility will either be closed for a holiday or the hours or normal operation open to creating a room reservation.
  • Integrated with Affinety Solutions online Registration system
  • Pending permits queue - allows community education, activity / athletic department or any other school district user the capability to request a reservation for a facility or space.   Non district users can also create a pending facility request.
  • The facility administrator can accept or reject any pending requests.   The facility administrator can accept pending reservations as is or do a quick update and save
  • Action log allows users of pending requests to view status of their reservation
  • Online public website to facility / room use request forms
  • Generate permits and fees owed.   Non-district users can pay their permit fees online
  • Reports -Facility use, summary of facilities, client use, conflicts, client list etc.
  • Calendars that can be filtered
Types of Reservations
  • Building - block off an entire facility for example school conferences
  • Holiday reservation ensures that an entire building can not be reserved
  • Create reservations and permits for: buildings, rooms, equipment and fields.
  • Community Education
  • District users
  • Activities / Athletics
  • Non-district users for example non-profits Boy Scouts or For-profit
Benefits for Administrators
  • Hourly and per use billing
  • Create an unlimited number of user fee types e.g. school district, for profit organizations, school department(s) or non-profit groups
  • Interactive reservation and conflict management of buildings, rooms, equipment, and staff
  • Highly customizable to meet your business operations
  • Easily track payment status for permits
  • Pending reservation management - do a "Quick" approve to avoid re-entering of data or edit an existing request then approve.  Also have ability to reject a permit request
  • Integrated with Affinety Solutions Community Education and Activities registration system
  • Interactive report generation
  • Generate permits and billing
  • Search for existing permits by client, data range permit was created, permits created today, permit number range and permit description.
Benefits for Customers
  • Online building and room descriptions
  • Highly visual and intuitive interface
  • Visual calendar of events and space availability
  • Create a pending room or space reservation
  • Pay permit fee online

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